Silk Wrap Paper

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Silk Wrap Paper

Silk Wrap Paper

Silk Wrap Paper

Silk Wrap Paper

Green Arrow International Pte Ltd offers the Silk Wrap Paper premium quality tissue for retail and luxury packaging.
These Silk Wrap Paper allows customers to utilize fashion colors or a speciality wrapping tissue to create seasonal excitement and promote brand and image.
We have a wide range of colors for you to choose from:

Special Tissue:
Metallic Gold - SDP001    Metallic Silver - SDP002    Metallic Copper - SDP003

Size: 50 x 70 cm
240 sheets per ream;
5 ream per carton;
1,200 sheets per carton
Minimum order quantity (MOQ) : 1 carton per color

Solid Color Tissue:
Pale Pink - SCL1896         Pastel Pink - SCL2180          Passion Pink - SCL2190           Cerise - SCL233
Scarlet - SCL1861             Peach - SCL162                    Saffron - SCL123                      Orange - SCL1666
Yellow - SCL107              Buttercup - SCL108               Lime Green - SCL3740            Grass Green - SCL360
Moss Green - SCL384      Olive - SCL5747                    Bottle Green - SCL555             Jade Green - SCL355
Citrus - SCL382               Light Blue - SCL290               Bright Turquoise - SCL3060    Royal Blue - SCL2860
Navy Blue - SCL655        Pacific Blue - SCL292            Lavender - SCL264                  Violet - SCL275
Lilac - SCL2563              Chocolate Brown - SCL498    Burgundy - SCL216                  Black - SCL433
Grey - SCL430                 Ivory - SCL1201                     White - SCL045                        Cherry - SCL185
Plum - SCL241                 Kraft - SCL468

Size: 50 x 75 cm
480 sheets per ream;
5 ream per carton;
2,400 sheets per carton
Minimum order quantity (MOQ) : 1 carton per color

Current Ready Stock (MOQ: 1 ream): White - SCL045, Royal Blue - SCL2860, Cherry - SCL185, Black - SCL433

Please feel free to contact us for more details or to arrange for samples viewing.

We look forward to hear from you soon.